AIAS FORUM is the signature architecture + design conference for students. Taking place over four days around New Year’s Eve, FORUM is jam-packed with keynotes, sessions, tours, meetups, workshops, night events, and much, much more! What separates FORUM from other student conferences is our emphasis on interaction and discussion. With so much young and bright talent from around the world convening in one place, we want to capitalize on the opportunity to discuss the major issues that face the profession. This means that there will be opportunities for all to learn and collaborate, including the speakers and professionals who attend. FORUM 2017 will also be opening its scope to discuss issues tangentially related to architecture. As design is a collective process, we’ll be bringing many perspectives and disciplines to the table. In all, FORUM leaves attendees feeling inspired and ready to continue these discussions in their chapters, classrooms, and workplaces.


Amy Rosen, Zain Islam-Hashmi, Selena Zhen, Chitika Vasudeva, Bryan Trew, Alina Kramkova, Robert Rice, Matt Porter (CMU Alum)

Amy Rosen: National President-Elect!

Congratulations to Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture Alumna, Amy Rosen for earning the incredible position as AIAS's National President for the 2018-2019 term. We are so excited to see the amazing influence Amy will have on the organization as a whole. From our very own chapter President, to the Northeast Quad Director, to her new Presidential position, we couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments.

Can You Dip It 2017 Winner!

AIAS CMU wins the American Galvanizer's Association Can You Dip It Competition!!

Tour: Native Hostel/The MACC/Ai Wei Wei: Forever Bicyles

Tour: Weird Homes

Description: "Strange. Kooky. Magical. Peculiar. Funky. Eccentric. Weird.
Whatever you call it, we are proud of it. The Weird Homes Tour is a tour of the weirdest and most creative homes that make Austin.. .well, Austin. And for AIAS we are presenting a sampling of our two of our very favorite homes. In Casa Neverlandia, meet artist James Talbot and his colorful undulating playscape of a home outfitted with solar panels, fire poles, secret passages, an elevated footbridge, talk tubes, and other hideaways that are fascinating to explore. In the Under the Sea home, meet artist Lois Goodman and explore her incredibly colorful house with at least 23 different colors used throughout the exterior and interior. In addition, there is much more to see including a uniquely lit bathroom, art cars, epic backyard water themed murals and collections galore."

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